Best Work Gloves Ever

Hands Up For Bionic

Bionic a company launched in 2003, specialises in making gloves for a wide range of sports and the gloves sell in 19 countries worldwide. The range of Bionic fitness and Golfing Gloves has been overseen by leading orthopaedic hand surgeon Dr James A Kleinert and the technology used is unique to the marketplace. The difference is in the design, which is based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics.

“Golfers who try Bionic gloves quickly become loyalists because of the benefits of our performance enhancing technology,” said Cheryl Fink, Bionic’s director or marketing. Bionic gloves are designed specifically to support the anatomy of the palm, fingers and thumb, areas of the hand that have bony prominences.

The gloves feature 12 strategically placed pads which help to reduce the pressure and friction caused by gripping the golf club. The pads elimintae peaks and valleys thus evening out the surface of the hand and making the glove feel quite literally like a second skin. The 12 ergonomic motion zones across the knuckles allow for incredible flexibility.

Strategic web zones make the gloves more breathable which helps hands stay cool, comfortable and dry. Bionic are only the gloves pre-cut to the natural shape of fingers.

The Bionic golf range includes the StableGrip the No 1 seller in the US and Australia, and this glove makes up 65 per cent of Bionic’s golf glove sales. Its features include anatomical relief pads to promote a lighter, more relaxed grip – which helps increase swing speed and prevents the club from twisting on impact – and motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers which encourages natural movement and helps hand breathe. These glove are reported to last two to three times longer than traditional leather gloves.

best work gloves with gripThe PerformanceGrip glove features seams on the side of the finger that have been repositioned to a ‘neutral zone’ of motion so they don’t inhibit glove flexibility. this promotes an immediate ‘broken in’ feel. Made of breathable leather and with lycra positioned between the fingers, these gloves have 15 strategically placed mini terry towel cloths inside the glove to help absorb perspiration.

The RelaxGrip glove combines a leather palm with a synthetic back to give great feel and increased durability. the double row finger grip system promotes a lighter and more stable grip.

The AquaGrip is made of a suede microfibre material that becomes tackier when wet, thus helping to reduce club slippage. The patented pre-rotated finger design aids natural closure of the hand and reduces fatigue.

Sure to appeal to those suffering from arthritis is the ReliefGrip. It has orthopaedic motion zones over the knuckles and form fitting ‘LightPrene’ in the expanded wristband which supports the wrist and base of the thumb.

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