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Power To The Parent – A New World Order

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Of course, we are considering an ideal model here, one that educates and supports the whole family. Present reality indicates that this is not the case, and that sadly, dysfunction is visible in many areas of family life.

The good news is that you get to make a choice. We are living in exciting times, where yoga, meditation, healthy eating and conscious living are on the rapid increase. Times have changed dramatically, and now we have the ability to make informed choices, and observe the outcome of these choices.

how to become foster parentsIt is time for old and stale paradigms to be discarded as we make space for new methods that suit and support our present way of life. It is up to us to wake up and take responsibility. So why not create an ideal world? There is a way through every block, perhaps the way forward is to make our daily practice the new sexy consciousness, and create our new world order.

The child is the father of man

Life can be challenging, and not everyone strives to walk the path with wide-open eyes. But the more we improve on the current model, and share this effort with others, the better it will be for our children. The collective consciousness will pull together and the shift will happen, one parent at a time. After all, children are our future. Let’s give them the best of us, so that they can show us the way forward and lead us into the golden age.

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Wanting To Attract Love

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If you have trouble finding or keeping love, don’t despair – there are things you can do to help.


Although not strictly a therapy, dance increases self-esteem and confidence and makes you feel more attractive. “Dance makes you feel more connected to yourself and others,” says Gene Moyle, associate professor of dance at Queensland University of Technology.

advice for relationships“You become more aware of your body, and you get fitter and release endorphins, so you feel better. You’re also boosted by the sense of mastering something new, even if you’re not the best dancer,” she says. Moyle’s top styles for bringing out your sexy side are Latin, ballroom and flamenco.


Trauma such as bullying, abuse or a relationship break-up can cause your ‘heart energy’ to close, making it difficult to be in a relationship, says Rochelle Taylor, AcuEnergetics practitioner. “You need to look inside and find what’s preventing you from opening your heart and loving yourself and other people,” says Taylor.

AcuEnergetics – an energetic healing modality – is said to help you release the energy that makes you feel scared, unhappy and alone. Practitioners use energetic techniques to open your heart and help you trust and feel joy so you are receptive to love.


The reasons why you may have difficulty finding or maintaining a relationship can sometimes become clear when you look at your family tree. Practitioners of Bowen Family Systems Theory or transgenerational therapy study your family tree, which therapists call a genogram.

This can help you discover how events and behaviours inherited from the past might be affecting your life now. It can be a fascinating and enlightening way to see where your expectations and sensitivities in relationships come from. You’ll also be counselled in strategies to help you become more receptive to and positive about love.

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What Do You Really Want?

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Get What You Want From Your Relationship?

Andrew G Marshall is a relationship psychotherapist. “There’s no such thing as the perfect partner,” he says. “What we can all achieve though, is the ‘good enough’ relationship. This isn’t about second best; it’s where we can nurture and be nurtured, have great sex, companionship and mutual respect.” Ask yourself the following to see if you can improve your relationship:


You can’t get what you want from your partner if you’re not communicating properly. There are five different languages of love and quite often we are speaking a different one to that of our partner, so frustration and misunderstandings occur.

short quotes about happinessThe five love languages are: appreciative words, caring actions, cuddling, spending quality time together and sex. If you express your love for your partner by telling him how great he is, but he shows you his by vacuuming your car, you’ll both end up feeling confused and under-appreciated.

Intimacy is created by sharing thoughts and feelings, so mirror what you think his language is. Or, explain your love language to him. Humour isn’t a love language as such, but it can bond you. Watch a comedy on TV together, tell him a funny anecdote about  your day – if you’re not laughing together, ask yourself how you can start. What could you plan to do together?


Life is tough enough without being enemies with your partner. You need an ally, and so does he. When relationships take a dip, unless there is serious abuse or control issues, trust me, you’re both to blame. Your partner may have been grumpy with you over the last two weeks, but if you haven’t fancied sex for the last six months, then it’s little surprise that resentment has built up. Break the deadlock. Start by saying you’re sorry that you have made him feel unhappy. Do it no matter how much you think it’s his fault. You’ll be surprised at his reaction and what he will then do in return.


Sex is important, but make sure it’s the sort of sex you want, and in the right amounts. Bear in mind for a woman to want sex, she has to feel emotionally connected to her partner. A man, however, uses sex to feel connected. So now we have a vicious circle. To break it, use something called “appreciative enquiry”. Ask him how you could go back to having great sex. What does he need? Tell him what works for you. How often do you want to have sex? Agree some dates in your diary. When he feels close to you, he’ll start talking.

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